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Strategic messaging and inspired design that drive audiences to action.

What We Do

Spinforce helps articulate the passion and promise of ideas, firms and products. From facilitation of strategic messaging summits to working with presenters and their teams to separate the signal from the noise, we create stories and materials that inform, persuade and inspire.

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Through over a decade of experience, we’ve found that there are three key phases to every great project – whether we’re working turnkey or coming in right where you need us most.



For every client, we start each project by listening – where in the process are you, and where will we come in? Usually, this involves focused work with your internal teams to cut through noise and achieve clarity, getting down to precise and tailored goals and articulating the message for the specific presenter, audience, environment and effort.

You can read a little about how we achieve this through our SpinSessions. Sometimes, a SpinSession and its outputs – alignment, focus and articulation of key messages – are the deliverables. But oftentimes, there is an executive, sales team or other presenter who needs to carry the message out into the world. So we move from Distill to Design.

The SpinSession

Marketing communications too often begin at the end. Logos, colors, design, taglines, and copy – all are endlessly rejiggered and debated. Existing marketing materials are recycled and force-fit to changing markets and disparate audiences, despite declining persuasive power and relevance. Second-guessing and misstarts abound, meaning that money, time, and effort are spent honing and perfecting representations of what may well be an off-target or obsolete message.

Our intensely-focused SpinSessions have proven to be one of the most efficient ways to kick off and lay the foundation for any communications initiative. These tailored summits capture your team’s critical input, probe the audience and market triggers, build internal consensus and alignment, and define key benefits and highest-priority messages.

Through each SpinSession, we bring more than our decades of combined brand, marketing and messaging experience. As a skilled third party diplomat and facilitator, we deliver insight and steer groups through tough choices to achieve goals. As a result, your strategic and tactical efforts progress more quickly, and communications design and implementation are accelerated and made more efficient.

And through the SpinSession and beyond, we integrate extremely well into internal teams, providing support where most needed and respecting expertise. In short, we win clients over every time and become a trusted resource.



Designing outstanding presented communications is both art and science. Whether a high-profile keynote, a salesforce pitch to launch a new product line or service, an internal company announcement, or a tone setting seating loop, every project requires an expert eye and creative touch. The approach to visuals, copy, motion, and other elements is synthesized from decades of working with varying brands, presenters, environments, and audiences.

We consider it all: Competitive landscape; audience predisposition and mindsets; how to best support presenter strengths and shortcomings; when and where to augment the presenter, pop the headlines, and retain the best of your legacy materials; and all of the other variables that go into creating great presented communications. And we collaborate with you to balance all of these considerations (and more if you’re interested) as we harness your expertise – and craft the story through words and visuals, and sometimes even words as visuals.

Design Variables

There are a lot of variables in play within any project, whether it’s a keynote, sales or funding pitch, corporate preso, or any other presented communication. We’ve gotten very good at evaluating and adjusting for each, alongside our clients, to create great outcomes. Here’s just a short sample of the variables we’ll address when we’re designing your project.

What are the brand/messaging guidelines that we need to design within?

What is our role within the internal team?

What do we want the audience to do, say, and think when they leave the room?

Are there existing materials to leverage, and if so, what can be retained, revised, and/or removed?

Are we designing for a specific presenter, and if so, what are their specific strengths? Can we give them room to roam within the presentation, or do they need help staying channeled?

Are we designing for a small team of presenters? Large? What common threads allow us to serve them all best? How can we ensure that the greenest presenters perform as well as the most knowledgeable?

What is the audience mindset and predisposition to our message? How can we tether ourselves to positive feelings and trends, and overcome negatives?

What sort of lifespan does this piece need to deliver? Is this a keynote, evolving to a sales pitch, with a predicted life of 6 months? A year? More? In short, how do we maximize the value of every dollar you spend?

Does the piece need to be easily portable? Easily revised on airplanes and in hotel rooms?

There’s more, but we’ll save those for your next project. We just want you to know that we’re sticklers for considering, evaluating and designing for the complex equation that every project presents – and that this will result in superior work for you and your effort.



We’re usually working with clients when there’s something important on the horizon, and those moments are stressful enough for presenters and their support teams. So we help you and your team deliver, by making sure we deliver on our end. For some projects, this means we “live present” the work to you and your team, so you can experience it from the audience perspective.

Or we craft tight, message-focused speaking transitions that take the presenter from one concept to the next, to smooth the flow and ensure that key messages are conveyed. And we deliver great work on schedule, with the big ideas and details all proofed, double-proofed, and bullet-proofed. On certain projects, our team in the eastern hemisphere is working, while our folks in the US are dreaming about their projects (in a good way).


The most effective presentations start long before
the audience enters the room.

— John Doe —


From Fortune 500 companies and not-for-profits to two founders in a garage, we’ve spent over a decade earning our stripes with clients across a wide range of industries.

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The messaging war is largely won well before anyone decides on format or starts pushing pixels around. But great design and production allow great messaging to manifest itself – so here are a few capsules and excerpts that illustrate successful synthesis of message development and purpose-driven design.

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If you have a presented communication project looming, or want to have a go-to resource available when the time comes, drop us a note or give a call.


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